Saturday, October 1, 2011

Learning to Sew

My mom gave me her sewing machine about a month ago and I have been trying to teach myself how to sew. My mom says she's forgotten how to sew and she won't need her machine, but I happen to know she lies. :) I wanted to borrow her machine to see if I could even learn to sew before I bought myself one. I'll give her sewing machine back to her sometime, but I think she'd rather just make me learn and then have me do her sewing projects for her. I'm not any good, but I'm loving it.

My first project was this alphabet quiet book that I got a pattern for from Etsy. I think it turned out okay. There are lots of things I'd do differently if I were to make it again. I learned a lot from this project! One of them being to relax a little and try to not be such a perfectionist when I'm learning something new. I think it required more than my beginning sewing abilities. When I opened up the PDF pattern and saw that it would take 20+ hours I knew I was in trouble! But Jimmer really likes the book so far (mistakes and all), but that may just be because it's something new. He loves to rip all the little pieces off and put them back on (they're detachable with velcro). My next project is finishing some file folder games that I put on hold to work on this craziness.

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