Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just some pictures to look at...

Jimmer has been climbing and getting into trouble.
He doesn't usually have too bad of bed-head, but this day...woah!
Jimmer LOVES milk!
More milk....
Our brother-in-law, Ryan, took a few pictures of us in front of the pretty fall trees by my Mom's house. It is hard to get all of us smiling and looking decent.

I snapped this picture of Jimmer. He looks so innocent.
We didn't take any pictures on my birthday. But I turned 28. James came home from work and brought me breakfast and later lunch. We had my favorite chicken roll-ups for dinner at my Mom's. I got this lovely bag. I got a mall gift card and some great crafty stuff. We had a delicious Costco cake...which I am eating a piece of now. :) It was great!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whoopie...I won

....my first blog giveaway! My sister, Katie, is a pro at winning giveaways. She even won 2 ERGObaby carriers and gave one to me! So I entered my first small giveaway and won! I follow this party planning blog (Attention 2 Detail) because I love all of her cute ideas and I thought...why not enter? Glad I did. I won a Whoopie Pie gift set from Crate & Barrel. Fun!