Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas 2007

James and I spent Christmas with the Farish family this year. We left on Christmas eve and spent 6 days in Torrance, CA. Since we didn't want to bring our presents down to CA, we opened most of them at home. Here are some pictures of that experience and some of our time down in CA. We spent time with the Farish family...visiting the beach, going to the Maritime museum, walking around Downtown Disney, and watching the Men's USA volleyball team practice.

The most exciting part of the Christmas vacation was the exciting news we received. First, John & Keri announced that they are going to have their second baby! And second, Jay is going to be transfered from Korea to Fort Sill, OK in March of this year, and he will hopefully be able to visit home before reporting to duty and we will be able to meet Hyo Jung and Mya! What a great Christmas!!