Friday, February 17, 2012

Brad & Tiff's Visit

We feel so lucky that our good friends still have family in Utah, so when they come to visit family, we get to see them too!  Brad and Tiffany came out from Indiana over Christmas break.  It was so great to see them!!  We spent a day together hanging out and then going to dinner and a BYU basketball game.  Their kids are so cute, and they are such good parents.  They have a sweet new baby girl named Tenley, and having two kids in tow didn't slow them down one bit!  It was a long day for Jimmer, since he refused to nap that day, so he fell asleep for a lot of the basketball game.  I couldn't believe he could sleep through all the noise!  Jimmer still remembers seeing them and likes to randomly ask, "Renember when we went to the basketball game with Kade?"  We love our friends!  Writing these posts makes me realize how blessed we are to have such great family and friends!      

*I stole this picture from Tiffany's blog.  Luckily she's great at always taking pictures!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Winter Days

During the winter, we pretty much stay indoors.  I don't really like being cold, and since there is no snow to play in this year, all we really do is go to the library for music and story time, go to my mom's house for dinners, and go to a playplace or inflatable bounce place on the weekends.  That's pretty much our life right now.  I need to live somewhere warmer!

John & Keri's Visit

My brother, John, and his family came to Utah to visit over Christmas.  It was really fun to see them!  We sure miss them!  Since it was cold, and there wasn't really snow to play in, we went to a few indoor places to have fun. We went to the Discovery Gateway with them and to a trampoline jumping place called Xtreme Air.  We also drove through the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights with popcorn, and played games at my parent's house.  Jimmer had a great time visiting with his cousins that he doesn't see as often.  It was too bad Katie and Ryan headed to Idaho this year, but we did get to be all together for a day or two before they left!

Potty Training

 Jimmer camped out on the potty. This was not my idea, but I just went with it since Jimmer didn't want to get down...
Hiding his underwear
Doing the "Potty Dance" with a bare bum and a guitar

I had planned to start potty training Jimmer on the Monday after my girl's night away.  I knew I'd have nothing going on for a while, but I REALLY didn't want to do it!  I almost decided not to do it since I feared the worst.  But we went for it and it went okay!  By day 4 Jimmer had no accidents (other than in diapers at nap and bedtime)!  He's been doing really well going pee on the potty throughout the day, but still poops in his diaper at nap or bedtime.  I'm not sure what to do to get him to poop on the potty!  I guess it will come with time.  Potty training is a fun process with so many steps that I didn't think about.  Like getting Jimmer to actually wear the underwear, going potty other places, getting him to tell us he has to go when he's busy with friends/cousins, etc.  Good times.         

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Girl's Night!

L to R: me, Elke, Amanda, Sara, Janae
L to R: Elke, me, Sara, Amanda, Janae

At the beginning of January, I was able to get away for a night and meet up in Salt Lake to stay at the Grand Hotel with some of my BYU roommates!  A few of us live here in Utah and Sara came from Australia to visit some of her family (and us, of course :) and Elke came in from Washington.  We missed a few girls who couldn't make it this time.  It was so fun to talk and laugh!  I was seriously laughing at things that were not even that funny.  It's just that much fun to hang out with good friends!  We enjoyed a great dinner at The Melting Pot, then talked most of the night, slept in and had Nutella and strawberries on croissants for brunch!  I wish it could have been a longer visit!

*And thanks for the pictures Janae and Elke...'cause guess who didn't bring a camera?  (BTW, I look freaky in both of these pictures, but oh well!)

A few pictures (and I mean a few)

I never get out our camera and take pictures anymore!  Ahhhh!!  So my blog has suffered pretty bad for a while now.  I have been taking a few pictures with my iPod, but I haven't been good about taking pictures in general at all.  The pictures above are from when we picked out our Christmas tree, the two pictures I took on Christmas day :(, and then some snow pictures from today.  Sad!  I guess I'll have to get the pictures off my iPod so I have something!