Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More standing = Mom getting nervous

Jimmer doesn't really want to crawl around anymore. He just wants to stand everywhere! Hopefully he won't learn how to walk for a while! He is getting more and more fun to play with though and we are enjoying him in our home.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Just lots of random pictures of Jimmer :

Hi Mama

Love my hairbrush

I spend a lot of my day here... at the bottom of the stairs

Someone always thinks the movie is better up close

Ooooooooo, what's this?

I can touch that.

Why do we even buy him toys?

Waking up happy

... and usually standing

Oh hi there!

Walking to the neighbors with Daddy

About to have some lunch

Very serious

Doesn't everyone do push-ups right after their nap??

I am trying to take more pictures of day-to-day things with Jimmer. I don't always want to get the camera out though because many times Jimmer is either in his comfy napping clothes or he looks like a scraggle. But, here are some of the pictures I have taken of the wild boy lately.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

8 months and busy!

Jimmer turned 8 months on the 24th of February and he is becoming a busy boy.

These days, Jimmer:
-Crawls around the house discovering things like door stoppers and furniture knobs
-Pulls himself to a stand on whatever is the right height (i.e. bean bag, first two stairs, laundry basket, jumperoo, Mom)
-Likes "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" (especially the green frog)
-Likes to catch the plastic ball with Grandpa
-Ditched his baby bathtub since he wouldn't stay in it...but hates to lie down in the big tub
-Loves to play 'Where's Mama?' when Dad gets home
-Favorite songs are "Wheels on the Bus", "BINGO", and "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
-Says "mama" but probably doesn't know what it means
-Likes to turn off the computer (and will not forget where that button is...even when it is blocked or covered)