Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Michelle's 25th Birthday!

I had quite a good birthday this year! On the day of my birthday, we were lucky enough to convince our friends to go out to eat with us at the Pizza Factory. We all decided that our waitress apparently does not enjoy pizzas, nor factories, because she never felt the need to smile once. We still had a great time though! I got some great gifts from my friends, which included a Magelby's gift card, a giant picture frame, a sweatshirt, and last but not least...fancy cakes. Thank you, thank you!! James surprised me with a reservation at the Peaks hotel in Park City for Friday night, so that we could stay the night on Friday and then shop the outlet mall on Saturday. We really enjoyed the hot tub, the help from "Jose" who fixed our door, the always good Nike store, and eating dinner at Red Rock. All in all, it was a great birthday!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Chickens....Not So Much Friends

Who knew that chickens will wait on your doorstep for you to come home from work (every day!)?
Who knew that when we went to mow the lawn that we'd have to dodge 4 chickens?
Who knew that 4 particular chickens aren't afraid of apples being thrown at them?
Who knew that chickens didn't like their picture taken?
Who knew that chickens would like to go down the kiddie slide in the backyard?
Who knew that chickens are quite freaky up close?
Who knew that the little Mexican boy down the street would knock on our door and ask if we called the "dog pound" on his chickens?

Who knew? Not us!

The chickens have finally left us. We're not sure who called the "dog pound" on them or if they finally made their way across the street. And no Mom, I never made them into stew.