Thursday, November 10, 2011

If I Were Rich...

I would open up a Discovery Center for kids in Utah County.  I absolutely love these types of places and we don't have anything like this in our area.  I may or may not like the place so much because of all of the miniature things.  Not saying.  But, I'm pretty sure the Utah County residents wouldn't pay the $8.50 /per person over 1 to come!  

Last weekend James had to work at a volleyball match at the University of Utah in the afternoon, so Jimmer and I tagged along and James dropped us off at Discovery Gateway to play and then met us up there afterwards.  Jimmer played for three straight hours during his normal nap time and didn't make one unhappy sound.  When James came, we took a break for dinner and then James played with Jimmer for an hour or more while I shopped at the Gateway Mall and then I came back and we pretty much closed the place out at 8pm.  It was much more fun to play from about 6 to 8pm rather than 1 to 3pm when it was so crowded.

  I had been wanting to take Jimmer here, but never wanted to make the drive up just for it.  However, we definitely could spend a whole day there. Jimmer could drop those ball pit balls down tubes ALL DAY LONG if we let him.  So we got our chance to go and Jimmer (and I) had a blast.  The only disappointment is that Jimmer and I don't enjoy the same areas of the center.  I wanted to play inside the miniature house, farm or market, and Jimmer wanted to play in the ball zone and the water zone.  So the pictures above don't show how cute the place really is since Jimmer wants nothing to do with the cute stuff. :)  He would not step foot in the tiny little market area. Come on Jimmer....teeny tiny shopping carts!!  Ugh!

Happy Halloween!

Jimmer was the Very Hungry Caterpillar this Halloween.  We chose this costume since the "Big Fat Caterpillar" is one of Jimmer's favorite books right now (Thanks for giving us the book Angela!).  Jimmer actually wore his costume on Halloween and he was happy!!  He had a great time trick-or-treating!  I couldn't believe it and I was pretty thrilled!  We were, however, prepared for the worst since I tried to put his costume on him about a week earlier and he completely freaked out.  I mean it was a BIG freak-out!  I figured the only way he was going to wear this costume was to cut the (hand-sewn) seam along the right side of his costume and make it so he could put it on like a coat and velcro it up instead of pulling it over his head.  So his costume definitely did not look as good as when it was hand-sewn, when you couldn't see any velcro, when the sides were more even, and when I would have had the time I was planning on to make the caterpillar feet, etc. But he wore it and that's all we're happy about.  The day after Halloween, Jimmer said "I love trick-or-treats."