Sunday, December 9, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree!

Last Christmas we weren't quite moved into our apartment in Orem, so we didn't end up getting a tree. So, needless to say, I was pretty excited this year to go pick one out! After shaking off snow on most of the trees in the lot, we picked out our tree and strapped it on the Corolla. Since it was the weekend, we postponed the decorating and went out that night and had fun with our friends. After we got home, we didn't want to wait to decorate it, so we stayed up 'til 3 in the morning decorating! It wasn't exactly fun to get up for 9am church the next morning. Maybe we'll plan a little better next year...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Laker Game!

James surprised me with tickets to the Lakers v. Jazz game last week. And although the Lakers were not very well liked in this arena (evidenced by LOUD chants of "Lakers suck, Lakers suck" and "Kobe sucks, Kobe sucks"), we still had a great time.

Dreams of Blogging

So I had a dream that my teeth were falling out by the handful. They were very tiny teeth and they fell in mass quantities. At first I was apprehensive about them falling out, but then as people were trying to help me throw them all away I got pretty upset and told them that they couldn't throw away all of my teeth until we took a picture of them for my BLOG!

The dream may have come for one of these reasons:
1. I just had some cavities filled and my thoughts were turned to teeth.
2. The reputable dream interpreters on the internet think I " fear being embarrassed or making a fool of myself ".
3. or I feel like I don't have anything noteworthy for our I'd better come up with something interesting.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Michelle's 25th Birthday!

I had quite a good birthday this year! On the day of my birthday, we were lucky enough to convince our friends to go out to eat with us at the Pizza Factory. We all decided that our waitress apparently does not enjoy pizzas, nor factories, because she never felt the need to smile once. We still had a great time though! I got some great gifts from my friends, which included a Magelby's gift card, a giant picture frame, a sweatshirt, and last but not least...fancy cakes. Thank you, thank you!! James surprised me with a reservation at the Peaks hotel in Park City for Friday night, so that we could stay the night on Friday and then shop the outlet mall on Saturday. We really enjoyed the hot tub, the help from "Jose" who fixed our door, the always good Nike store, and eating dinner at Red Rock. All in all, it was a great birthday!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Chickens....Not So Much Friends

Who knew that chickens will wait on your doorstep for you to come home from work (every day!)?
Who knew that when we went to mow the lawn that we'd have to dodge 4 chickens?
Who knew that 4 particular chickens aren't afraid of apples being thrown at them?
Who knew that chickens didn't like their picture taken?
Who knew that chickens would like to go down the kiddie slide in the backyard?
Who knew that chickens are quite freaky up close?
Who knew that the little Mexican boy down the street would knock on our door and ask if we called the "dog pound" on his chickens?

Who knew? Not us!

The chickens have finally left us. We're not sure who called the "dog pound" on them or if they finally made their way across the street. And no Mom, I never made them into stew.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Farish Family Comes to Utah!

Mom, Dad, Seeley, Hope, John, Keri, and Emma all came up from Torrance, CA for a fun vacation this August. We had the whole family together (except for Jay, Hyo Jung and Mya who are in Korea) here for a few days in Utah and we were able to do some fun things together. Those of us who live in Utah were able to take a few days off of work in order to spend some time doing all day events with the fam. We went to Seven Peaks, toured the Conference Center, enjoyed hours of laser tag at Boondocks, had birthday cake for James, played the Wii, hiked around Cascade Springs, looked at a few properties for Mom and Dad, and had a reunion lunch with the Andersons & Richens' families. It was so great to spend some time together. So thanks for coming up guys!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Circuit City Doesn't Like Us Much

So after having dinner with our friends, Brad and Tiff, on Wednesday, Brad proposed one of his all-too-common money saving adventures. Apparently Circuit City ran an ad this week that said that a new game for the Nintendo Wii called "Boogie" would be available and guaranteed in stock on Wednesday or you'd receive a $20 gift card. Brad thought we better go "make sure" they're in stock when they say they'd be. In the end, we walked out with $80 in gift card money...eventhough not a one of us owns a Wii.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

St. Louis with the Rees Family

Mississippi River

Carthage Jail

Brickyard in Nauvoo

Rees Family ~ July 2007

We had a great time visiting St. Louis in July!! Michelle enjoyed her first trip to Nauvoo, IL... eventhough it was "quite hot". We loved seeing our family and getting to know everyone better. Michelle was a bit disappointed in White Castle, but Steak 'N Shake was as good as she remembers. We were lucky to get in a nice little summer vacation this year and take a few days off of work.