Monday, August 27, 2007

Farish Family Comes to Utah!

Mom, Dad, Seeley, Hope, John, Keri, and Emma all came up from Torrance, CA for a fun vacation this August. We had the whole family together (except for Jay, Hyo Jung and Mya who are in Korea) here for a few days in Utah and we were able to do some fun things together. Those of us who live in Utah were able to take a few days off of work in order to spend some time doing all day events with the fam. We went to Seven Peaks, toured the Conference Center, enjoyed hours of laser tag at Boondocks, had birthday cake for James, played the Wii, hiked around Cascade Springs, looked at a few properties for Mom and Dad, and had a reunion lunch with the Andersons & Richens' families. It was so great to spend some time together. So thanks for coming up guys!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Circuit City Doesn't Like Us Much

So after having dinner with our friends, Brad and Tiff, on Wednesday, Brad proposed one of his all-too-common money saving adventures. Apparently Circuit City ran an ad this week that said that a new game for the Nintendo Wii called "Boogie" would be available and guaranteed in stock on Wednesday or you'd receive a $20 gift card. Brad thought we better go "make sure" they're in stock when they say they'd be. In the end, we walked out with $80 in gift card money...eventhough not a one of us owns a Wii.