Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween and a Trip to California

Cheeseburger anyone??
Jimmer didn't care much for his Cheeseburger costume. He had a few falls when he wore it. I guess it was hard to see the ground :)

James and Jimmer in the SLC airport. I decided on this trip that I love the SLC airport. It's clean, pretty spacious, organized, easy to pick up and drop off, and has a kid's play area.

Jimmer found a random stranger he liked at the airport. He would run around to both sides of this column so that the nice girl sitting behind it (who was on her phone-sorry girl) would try to get him.
So fun...who needs Disneyland?

We went anyway! It was a blast and not too crowded. The longest line was about 30 minutes. We did the Disney volunteer program to get free tickets, so it made it even more worth it!

But really, we went to CA to see these cuties! We had a lot of fun with my brother, John, his wife Keri, and their kids Emma and Travis. We didn't get a ton of sleep (sorry guys), but we still had a great time!
Waiting in line for Toy Story

Jimmer waiting for everyone to finish riding the Autopia cars. James really wanted to go on those little cars. What a nerd! :)

We visited lots of family while we were there. We saw my grandparents, a few aunts and uncles, and some of my cousins. It was nice to catch up with everyone down there.
We're glad to be home now to catch up on some sleep, but we had a great trip in CA and a fun Halloween in Utah!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crazy or Stupid?

I'm not sure which I am right now. But I do know that I am excited! After many a sleepless night, I started my new business. We'll see how it goes!
My new website is if you wanna see what I've been doing.