Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This December....

We went to our ward Christmas breakfast...

and Jimmer wouldn't stand still or look at the camera for the cute pictures they took.

We got snow...

lots of it. Poor mail lady.

and Jimmer kept a watchful eye out for us.

Jimmer turned the long-awaited 18 months - yay! No nursery visits'll see why.

We found out Jimmer LOVES the snow and needs some snow bibs pronto.

Jimmer opened his Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.

We spent Christmas Day at my parents' house. It was great. We stayed in our pajamas ALL DAY and didn't care one bit. We played a game called Bananagrams most of the day. Jimmer didn't really care that much about opening presents on Christmas Day, but he's enjoying all of his toys now (and liked all of his cousin Will's stuff on Christmas). And for those wondering, he loves his new baby doll I bought.

Jimmer has decided he loves to put his shoes on...even if he doesn't have pants on.

Jimmer got sick in the afternoon on Christmas day. He was so sick for his 18 month "well" child check-up. He had a virus and he's still got it. This picture is from today....hence no Nursery on Sunday. I hope all the friends and family we visited with don't get sick!! I just found a new tooth in there today too.
There are of course some things I don't have pictures Will's birthday party, Navie's birthday party, the lights at Temple Square...etc. This is as good as it gets I guess.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rockstar Guitar

Thanks to my sister's savvy find...we each got this awesome guitar for the boys for Christmas for $.97 each. I personally can't wait to try out that sweet headset! :)