Monday, April 26, 2010

10 months and sicky

Jimmer turned 10 months on Saturday. He wasn't exactly feeling up to celebrating though. Instead of going to the zoo with my family, we ended up going to Urgent Care. He had an ear infection and slept in James' and my arms ALL DAY. It was so sad. We are glad to see his blue eyes again and see him crawling around and playing now that he's feeling better.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All the way up...

Jimmer made it all the way up the staircase today. My mom days are numbered. Until I die? or until I have to walk behind Jimmer all day with my hands out? She probably means both.

I've enjoyed sitting on the couch playing on my mini-laptop and telling Jimmer to "Go play," but I'm afraid that won't be happening for much longer.

Easter 2010

Our camera ran out of battery as we were ready to take Easter pictures of Jimmer. Once we got the battery charged and ready to go, Jimmer was not so happy about taking any pictures. So these are the best pictures we could get out of him. We went over to the Farish's for Easter dinner and it was delicious! Too bad the weather was crummy and we couldn't let Jimmer crawl around on the grass and find eggs. Jimmer also couldn't wear the cute brown shorts that I wanted him to.

Jimmer has been fun (and crazy) lately. He turned 9 months on the 24th of March and he still really likes to stand everywhere he can. He will only crawl to get to his next standing spot. He likes to scale the couch now and the bottom stair. He climbed 3 stairs yesterday and scared me to death. He has also been laying down on the ground or my arm when he is tired. Unfortunately he won't fall asleep on the ground. He'll just flop around with his head on the ground until I pick him up and rock him to sleep. He has also thrown a few fits. I'm not too excited about that and hope it doesn't last (but my sister says it will). Great. For the most part though, he's been a good sleeper and napper and is pretty happy to just play and watch Baby Einstein or Signing Time movies.