Thursday, September 30, 2010

15 months!

We just had Jimmer's picture taken (which should have happened at 12 months--but someone kept splitting his head open or bruising it and someone else got lazy). I only have the digital copy of this one pose.
Jimmer loves to hang out with Papa in the evenings and loves to go outside with him. Unfortunately the outside part won't last for too much longer :( The boys are supposed to help pick up leaves...but Jimmer just takes them back out and crunches them up in his helpful.

Jimmer also likes to follow his cousin Will around (and get his hugs!). It probably drives Will crazy...but it's fun for me to see them play together.

So, obviously not much happening around here...especially nothing noteworthy to blog about. We have just been enjoying Springville and trying to suck up the last of the warm weather. We have also started the countdown to Nursery!

We mainly just spend our evenings at the Farish home and do our daily routine during the day. Jimmer takes a 3 hour nap most afternoons, so I would have plenty of time to blog if there was anything happening around here! Instead I just blog-stalk other people. :)

We just recently realized how much time we spend at the Farish house when we stopped going for about a week when poor Will was so sick. After a week or so...we realized we were really hungry! It was great to go back yesterday and have Mom's homemade meal again. I know what you're thinking...why didn't you cook Michelle?...well I've forgotten how, okay?

(Katie-Thanks for letting me steal these pictures from your blog without asking!)