Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This December....

We went to our ward Christmas breakfast...

and Jimmer wouldn't stand still or look at the camera for the cute pictures they took.

We got snow...

lots of it. Poor mail lady.

and Jimmer kept a watchful eye out for us.

Jimmer turned the long-awaited 18 months - yay! No nursery visits'll see why.

We found out Jimmer LOVES the snow and needs some snow bibs pronto.

Jimmer opened his Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve.

We spent Christmas Day at my parents' house. It was great. We stayed in our pajamas ALL DAY and didn't care one bit. We played a game called Bananagrams most of the day. Jimmer didn't really care that much about opening presents on Christmas Day, but he's enjoying all of his toys now (and liked all of his cousin Will's stuff on Christmas). And for those wondering, he loves his new baby doll I bought.

Jimmer has decided he loves to put his shoes on...even if he doesn't have pants on.

Jimmer got sick in the afternoon on Christmas day. He was so sick for his 18 month "well" child check-up. He had a virus and he's still got it. This picture is from today....hence no Nursery on Sunday. I hope all the friends and family we visited with don't get sick!! I just found a new tooth in there today too.
There are of course some things I don't have pictures Will's birthday party, Navie's birthday party, the lights at Temple Square...etc. This is as good as it gets I guess.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rockstar Guitar

Thanks to my sister's savvy find...we each got this awesome guitar for the boys for Christmas for $.97 each. I personally can't wait to try out that sweet headset! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween and a Trip to California

Cheeseburger anyone??
Jimmer didn't care much for his Cheeseburger costume. He had a few falls when he wore it. I guess it was hard to see the ground :)

James and Jimmer in the SLC airport. I decided on this trip that I love the SLC airport. It's clean, pretty spacious, organized, easy to pick up and drop off, and has a kid's play area.

Jimmer found a random stranger he liked at the airport. He would run around to both sides of this column so that the nice girl sitting behind it (who was on her phone-sorry girl) would try to get him.
So fun...who needs Disneyland?

We went anyway! It was a blast and not too crowded. The longest line was about 30 minutes. We did the Disney volunteer program to get free tickets, so it made it even more worth it!

But really, we went to CA to see these cuties! We had a lot of fun with my brother, John, his wife Keri, and their kids Emma and Travis. We didn't get a ton of sleep (sorry guys), but we still had a great time!
Waiting in line for Toy Story

Jimmer waiting for everyone to finish riding the Autopia cars. James really wanted to go on those little cars. What a nerd! :)

We visited lots of family while we were there. We saw my grandparents, a few aunts and uncles, and some of my cousins. It was nice to catch up with everyone down there.
We're glad to be home now to catch up on some sleep, but we had a great trip in CA and a fun Halloween in Utah!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crazy or Stupid?

I'm not sure which I am right now. But I do know that I am excited! After many a sleepless night, I started my new business. We'll see how it goes!
My new website is if you wanna see what I've been doing.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just some pictures to look at...

Jimmer has been climbing and getting into trouble.
He doesn't usually have too bad of bed-head, but this day...woah!
Jimmer LOVES milk!
More milk....
Our brother-in-law, Ryan, took a few pictures of us in front of the pretty fall trees by my Mom's house. It is hard to get all of us smiling and looking decent.

I snapped this picture of Jimmer. He looks so innocent.
We didn't take any pictures on my birthday. But I turned 28. James came home from work and brought me breakfast and later lunch. We had my favorite chicken roll-ups for dinner at my Mom's. I got this lovely bag. I got a mall gift card and some great crafty stuff. We had a delicious Costco cake...which I am eating a piece of now. :) It was great!!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whoopie...I won first blog giveaway! My sister, Katie, is a pro at winning giveaways. She even won 2 ERGObaby carriers and gave one to me! So I entered my first small giveaway and won! I follow this party planning blog (Attention 2 Detail) because I love all of her cute ideas and I thought...why not enter? Glad I did. I won a Whoopie Pie gift set from Crate & Barrel. Fun!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

15 months!

We just had Jimmer's picture taken (which should have happened at 12 months--but someone kept splitting his head open or bruising it and someone else got lazy). I only have the digital copy of this one pose.
Jimmer loves to hang out with Papa in the evenings and loves to go outside with him. Unfortunately the outside part won't last for too much longer :( The boys are supposed to help pick up leaves...but Jimmer just takes them back out and crunches them up in his helpful.

Jimmer also likes to follow his cousin Will around (and get his hugs!). It probably drives Will crazy...but it's fun for me to see them play together.

So, obviously not much happening around here...especially nothing noteworthy to blog about. We have just been enjoying Springville and trying to suck up the last of the warm weather. We have also started the countdown to Nursery!

We mainly just spend our evenings at the Farish home and do our daily routine during the day. Jimmer takes a 3 hour nap most afternoons, so I would have plenty of time to blog if there was anything happening around here! Instead I just blog-stalk other people. :)

We just recently realized how much time we spend at the Farish house when we stopped going for about a week when poor Will was so sick. After a week or so...we realized we were really hungry! It was great to go back yesterday and have Mom's homemade meal again. I know what you're thinking...why didn't you cook Michelle?...well I've forgotten how, okay?

(Katie-Thanks for letting me steal these pictures from your blog without asking!)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun and Not-So-Fun in August

Fun: We went on a "camping trip" with the Farish family to a big cabin/mansion up near Sundance

Not-So-Fun: Jimmer split his head open in the mansion bathroom

Fun: James turned 29 and we played frisbee golf and had Pizza Hut and ice cream cake

Not-So-Fun: Frisbee went in the nasty pond
Fun: Watched the boys throw rocks towards it to rescue a $2.99 frisbee
Not-So-Fun: Jimmer suddenly decided he's freaked out when I rinse his hair in the bath
Fun: Jimmer is getting bigger and funnier and tries to talk

Not-So-Fun: Hobble Creek Half Marathon