Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun and Not-So-Fun in August

Fun: We went on a "camping trip" with the Farish family to a big cabin/mansion up near Sundance

Not-So-Fun: Jimmer split his head open in the mansion bathroom

Fun: James turned 29 and we played frisbee golf and had Pizza Hut and ice cream cake

Not-So-Fun: Frisbee went in the nasty pond
Fun: Watched the boys throw rocks towards it to rescue a $2.99 frisbee
Not-So-Fun: Jimmer suddenly decided he's freaked out when I rinse his hair in the bath
Fun: Jimmer is getting bigger and funnier and tries to talk

Not-So-Fun: Hobble Creek Half Marathon


Jake and Em said...

that is so sad about his head!!! were you freaking out? half-marathon?!?! I am impressed!!!!

Brad and Tiffany said...

Wow! You have had some excitement! I'm so glad Jimmer is okay! I love that he is smiling so big even with the huge bandage on his head. And way to go on the half marathon!