Monday, August 9, 2010

We Love You Jimmer!

I have never said that Jimmer is an "easy going" baby. In fact, I OFTEN complain about how hard he is for me. He has always hated his carseat; he did a lot of screaming from 8 to 10pm as an infant; he can still go from happy to screaming in a matter of seconds; he is quite stubborn about doing what he wants; and he likes the comfort of his own home and bed. It's probably just because I am a first-time mom, but boy...I have had some rough times.
Jimmer is getting to be so much better though as he gets older and as he gains more independence. He can play with balls, watch Elmo or play with Grandpa all day. He is a great sleeper (now) and always has been a great that has been wonderful. I often forget the great things about him when I attempt to run just about any errand and have a screaming baby in the car who I think should have nothing to cry about. But despite all of the hard times (I have even broken down and cried at Costco) James and I sure love our little boy!! I know that no one ever said having a baby would be easy. And yes, he is definitely worth it. We love you Jimmer!
Mom and Dad

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