Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fourth of July!

We're excited for the fireworks this year!!
Baby Rees is due on the 4th of July, 2009!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Trip to California

James and I went on a week vacation to LA and San Diego. We had a great time going to Disneyland, Sea World, Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum, out to eat, and the beach. It was so nice to have a week off of work and just spend time together.

Can You Guess Who I Was for Halloween??

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nothing to Blog About

I know it has been a long time, but really, our lives are not too exciting. Not a whole lot to blog about lately. Over the past two months, we have basically just been working, eating dinners with the Farish family (thanks Mom! - I haven't cooked in more than a month), celebrating my birthday, going to the pumpkin patch, and carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating with the Rees family. We have been enjoying the fall weather, but don't look forward to the winter. We did just get back from a trip to California, so once I get those pictures off of the camera I will have one thing to blog about!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Carnival rides aren't as fun as I remember...

We went to the Utah County Fair a few weeks ago with my family and we had a pretty good time....up until we had to go on the rides! Even just last year I thought they were fun. It may look like I'm having fun in the pictures, but really I'm smiling to keep from crying. After going on two rides at this year's fair I've decided that I'm giving up on those things. The first ride we went on (in the picture above) was kind of fun although it was one of those ones that you can't hold your head up because they are spinning around so fast. But then when we went on the second ride right after, I was a little nervous. They lock you in this monkey cage and spin you forwards and backwards a million times. Last year, not so scary. This year, I was freakin out and all I could think of was that the ride operator with just a few teeth isn't going to do much for me if the ride door pops open. I was sick to my stomach for an hour or so after those two stupid rides. I'm skipping the rides from now on!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I survived...

...the half marathon! I trained all summer to run in the Provo River Half Marathon on August 9th and I am glad that it is over and that I made it! I didn't get a wonderful time (2 hrs 19 mins), but I was happy to finish. Most of the run was downhill, so that made it a pretty easy, nice run, but afterwards my legs really felt it. It took me two or three days to stop walking like a toddler!

We're finally getting back to normal...

It's been a busy summer! We've finally got all of our stuff unpacked in our new townhome and blinds installed and it feels great. We still need to hang stuff on the walls, but I'm still deciding what to do. I could use any decorating suggestions.

Just after we moved in, my parents moved here to Springville from California! So we helped them get moved in and helped my sister and her husband move in with them. We have really loved having them live 3 miles away and enjoyed spending time with them and most of all having Mom cook for us so much! Love it.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Townhouse details...

master bedroom

walls and carpet

bedroom 2

master bath

tiny half bath

half wall that my dad will be replacing with a banister



more kitchen

We don't have many good pictures of the inside of our townhouse yet. The pictures we have basically just show carpet and walls. Once we move and get furniture into our place, we'll have to take some better pictures. But, for those interested here are some of the details about the house...

3 beds, 2 1/2 bath
1612 square feet
2 car garage
separate laundry room (woo hoo)
tile, not too fancy carpet (but new), solid surface counters, knotty alder cabinets
walk-in closet in master
.07 acres (yeah baby, can we get a horse?)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

2nd Anniversary!!

James and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary on Tuesday! We celebrated by going out to Ruby River Steakhouse for dinner and it was great!

James brought me two dozen roses to work and bought me some of my favorite things....Swedish fish and a caramel apple. He also got me two pair of running shorts. James wanted a motherboard for our anniversary. And I, of course, cannot pick out motherboards, nor do I want to, nor do I know what they James gets to pick one out for himself. I dropped off a pretzel with nacho cheese dip to his work for him and when I asked if he got it, he said "Yep, I pounded it." Guess that's a good thing??

It was so nice to spend Memorial Day together on Monday without having to go to work. We are really excited to plan an anniversary trip in September to San Diego (we think) when we have some more vacation time available from work.

The last two years have been so wonderful! When I think about when James and I were first married, I remember how I was over-the-top in love with him. And when I think about our marriage now, I am amazed that I can love James even more than I did then. I am so lucky to have a such a great guy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We're buying a house!!

Well, a townhouse really....but we're excited! Our offer was accepted today, so we will hopefully close on the new place by the end of next month. Move over country bumpkin, James and Michelle are coming to Springville.

Two Things I Hate....

Jack Nicholson and purple. Thanks for the hate mail Mom!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Whole Family is Together!

Jay finally made it home from Korea (with us for a little while) and we were able to have the Farish family get together all in the same place for the first time in about five years! We were so lucky to have the whole family come up from California this past weekend for Ryan's graduation and my cousin, Whitney's wedding. We had a great time together and just wish the time didn't go by as fast as it did!!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008


Here is some useless information about me....

What Were You Doing 10 Years Ago?
1998- I was a high school junior. We’ll leave it at that.

5 Things on My To-Do List:
1. Decide which townhouse to buy! Aaargh!
2. Finish reading New Moon
3. Work on my personal history project
4. Clean the house because my family and B&T are coming in 2 weeks…yeah!
5. Work-out (that conveniently gets left out most days)

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Carmel Apples (Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory…..woot woot!)
2. Parmesan Goldfish crackers
3. Popcorn (all kinds)
4. Swedish fish
5. Pepsi with pebble ice

5 Places I've Lived:
1. Torrance, CA (birth to age 17)
2. Provo, UT (BYU years, excluding summers)
3. Austin, TX (for 6 months after getting married)
4. Orem, UT (Oct'06-present)
5. That’s it….

5 Jobs I've Had:
1. Tomassito’s Pizza Supervisor at BYU (tossed the dough and everything!)
2. Data entry at Beemak Plastics (during summer break from BYU)
3. Reading Tutor / First Grade Aide at Canyon Crest Elementary
4. Director of Kids Connection Daycare
5. Radiology Billing Clerk (thanks Tiff!)

5 Things You May Not Know About Me:
1. I was a cheerleader in 8th grade….I can do a “near perfect” herkie.
2. My favorite type of music is hip-hop (James calls it “ghetto slam”)
3. I really, really hate ants
4. I have a secret crush on Matt Damon…. :) (j/k)
5. I signed up to run a half marathon in August (we’ll see how that goes…yikes)

I tag….Tiffany, Katie, and Brittney. Have fun!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It wasn't me...

James punched himself in the eye while playing wasn't me. He now has a suspicious scratch on his forehead...that wasn't me either.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Maybe I should cancel my subscription...

I signed up to get the Daily Herald newspaper. I read it the first month. The picture tells what happened the second month. I guess I'll have to wait until I have more time to read the paper or just sign up for the Sunday paper.

The first win I've seen in SLC!

Every Laker game that I actually get to go to in Salt Lake ends up in a loss for the Lakers. But not this time!! Lakers were in the lead throughout the entire game, but I didn't want to get too excited early on and jinx it! Although I wasn't feeling well (what else is new?) we still had a lot of fun. If it weren't for the annoying 12-year-old who sat right behind us yelling in his high-pitched voice "My grandma shoots better than that!" every time the Lakers shot the ball (regardless of if it went in), it would have been a perfect game.


Our trip to Vegas wasn’t exactly as relaxing as I had planned, but we had a great time!

Things I learned during this trip to Vegas:

1. When you’ve seen one casino, you’ve seen them all.

2. Don’t wear BYU gear around Las Vegas after losing to UNLV (unless you feel especially feisty).

3. There are some rare instances when BYU fans cheer for Utah (…only when you really want Utah to beat UNLV).

4. Hard Rock CafĂ© is really LOUD…but you can still have your wedding there.

5. If you don’t feel like smelling like smoke, well, you probably shouldn’t go to Vegas.

6. The waitress at Olive Garden treats you like royalty….but the IHOP waitress doesn’t exactly remember you exist.

7. Driving around during rush hour is entirely stupid. You can watch almost all of Transformers and still have only crawled 3 blocks.

8. The zoo in Las Vegas is more like a…well, words really can’t describe it.

9. Parking garages can actually fill up.

10. It’s utterly pointless to argue with drunk people.

Some of my favorite sayings from the local yocals:

“They wouldn’t hold a conference tournament in Provo….who would come?”

“BYU?!? Are you kidding me? Go Rebels!”

“Are you here for the BYU v. UNLV game?”

“What does B-Y-U stand for?”

“Are any of you 21? Oh, nevermind…BYU”

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March is going to be fun!

March will be a fun month for us. Click on our calendar to check out what we're doing on the weekends this month!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

NOT a fun day!

Monday was probably the worst day of my life so far! I was feeling great on Sunday...but when 3:30am rolled around, I woke up sick to my stomach. Over the next 3 hours I threw up about 10 or 11 times and took two baths. I finally asked James to take me to the emergency room because I could not stop throwing up. I arrived with my bucket in hand and they took me right in. I got an IV and a few doses of nausea medication at the hospital and they told me that I had some kind of intestinal virus. A couple hours later, I went home with some nausea medicine, glad that I would stop throwing up. Not really the case. The rest of the day was awful and I continued to have horrible stomach pain and throw up until 6pm. I was finally able to eat Jell-O on Tuesday afternoon and an "Uncrustable" sandwich for dinner. I stayed home from work on Tuesday as well because I still felt like a zombie, but I finally feel great! It is illnesses like these (although this is the worst I've ever had it) that make me grateful to be healthy! And now the weather is so nice and I feel good...I feel like a new person! Sorry this may have been gross to read. At least you weren't James! I feel so bad to have put him through that, but so lucky to have him take care of me all day on Monday and for my mom having her suitcase packed, flights checked, and a ride arrainged from the airport, to come out early Tuesday morning if I wasn't going to stop being sick. I wouldn't have let her come, but it is nice to know how much she cared! I am one lucky girl (well except on Monday & Tuesday). And hey, I lost 6 pounds...don't recommend it though.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Valentine's Day

February 2008 002

February 2008 001

I know almost the end of February, but I don't really have much to post, so I thought I'd post some pictures from Valentine's Day. We decided not to go out to dinner on Valentine's because of the long waits, so we went to lunch at Costa Vida and then had "noodles" (if you're a Rees you know what noodles are) for dinner instead. We had a nice day. James brought flowers home for me and got me my favorite perfume. I bought James some Nike sweatpants and made him a card. As you can see, I am slightly more excited about my gifts than James is. Enjoy the pictures :)

Monday, February 4, 2008

James' New Computer.....A New Love

Let's just say James was pretty excited to get a new computer. When our old computer died without much of a warning, James got pretty tired of using my year 2000 laptop. Okay, so I know one of the hinges is broken and the screen has to be propped up on something so that you can use it, the cord absolutely cannot be touched or it turns off instantly, and you can't see much of any internet page.... I still have a hard time when my first computer gets laughed at.

I found out that James and I care about slightly different things in regards to computers. He cares about how much disk space, memory, graphics cards, etc. I care about whether it's cute or not. I was excited about getting a new computer so we'd have a cool new flat screen monitor, keyboard, maybe a slim tower. Well, I didn't realize James was just getting the "computer" and not the whole package. I asked him what it was going to look like and he didn't even know! What no picture! Kind of disappointing to me. James did say we could get a new monitor soon it can be more "cute" for me.

When the new computer didn't arrive on it's "estimated arrival date" I was worried James wasn't going to sleep at night. It finally arrived and the new computer has been great, I must admit. I'm pretty excited to get started on my new personal history project and James is excited to play Warcraft and enter in our receipts.

Super Bowl Sunday!

Although it must have been a hassle for the Rees' to have to pack up their whole house (food, kids, toys, etc) just to come over for the Super Bowl, it was great to have them come to our apartment! We had a great time with some yummy food (buffalo wings, lil smokies, 7-layer dip, pizza rolls, veggies & dip, chips, sandwiches, scones, and orange julius'). All in all a good time!

Once I got the flash to work, you could actually see people in my pictures! I guess I should look at the picture viewer before I take 20 of just the T.V. showing up! Oops!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Christmas 2007

James and I spent Christmas with the Farish family this year. We left on Christmas eve and spent 6 days in Torrance, CA. Since we didn't want to bring our presents down to CA, we opened most of them at home. Here are some pictures of that experience and some of our time down in CA. We spent time with the Farish family...visiting the beach, going to the Maritime museum, walking around Downtown Disney, and watching the Men's USA volleyball team practice.

The most exciting part of the Christmas vacation was the exciting news we received. First, John & Keri announced that they are going to have their second baby! And second, Jay is going to be transfered from Korea to Fort Sill, OK in March of this year, and he will hopefully be able to visit home before reporting to duty and we will be able to meet Hyo Jung and Mya! What a great Christmas!!