Monday, February 4, 2008

James' New Computer.....A New Love

Let's just say James was pretty excited to get a new computer. When our old computer died without much of a warning, James got pretty tired of using my year 2000 laptop. Okay, so I know one of the hinges is broken and the screen has to be propped up on something so that you can use it, the cord absolutely cannot be touched or it turns off instantly, and you can't see much of any internet page.... I still have a hard time when my first computer gets laughed at.

I found out that James and I care about slightly different things in regards to computers. He cares about how much disk space, memory, graphics cards, etc. I care about whether it's cute or not. I was excited about getting a new computer so we'd have a cool new flat screen monitor, keyboard, maybe a slim tower. Well, I didn't realize James was just getting the "computer" and not the whole package. I asked him what it was going to look like and he didn't even know! What no picture! Kind of disappointing to me. James did say we could get a new monitor soon it can be more "cute" for me.

When the new computer didn't arrive on it's "estimated arrival date" I was worried James wasn't going to sleep at night. It finally arrived and the new computer has been great, I must admit. I'm pretty excited to get started on my new personal history project and James is excited to play Warcraft and enter in our receipts.


The Sorenson Family said...

what an awesome blog - I didn't know you had one! I'm totally with you on the cute thing, Michelle - everyone knows how important it is to match your compy to the rest of the office decore:) Love you! Sara xx
(we used to be WoW nerds too, but haven't played in over a year and sometimes I miss it... had to add that in!)

Troy and Kealoha said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you still have that same computer!!! I remember when we were all stuck with the ghetto rental computers and you were the cool one with a new laptop. Oh the memories!