Monday, August 23, 2010

Fun and Not-So-Fun in August

Fun: We went on a "camping trip" with the Farish family to a big cabin/mansion up near Sundance

Not-So-Fun: Jimmer split his head open in the mansion bathroom

Fun: James turned 29 and we played frisbee golf and had Pizza Hut and ice cream cake

Not-So-Fun: Frisbee went in the nasty pond
Fun: Watched the boys throw rocks towards it to rescue a $2.99 frisbee
Not-So-Fun: Jimmer suddenly decided he's freaked out when I rinse his hair in the bath
Fun: Jimmer is getting bigger and funnier and tries to talk

Not-So-Fun: Hobble Creek Half Marathon

Monday, August 9, 2010

We Love You Jimmer!

I have never said that Jimmer is an "easy going" baby. In fact, I OFTEN complain about how hard he is for me. He has always hated his carseat; he did a lot of screaming from 8 to 10pm as an infant; he can still go from happy to screaming in a matter of seconds; he is quite stubborn about doing what he wants; and he likes the comfort of his own home and bed. It's probably just because I am a first-time mom, but boy...I have had some rough times.
Jimmer is getting to be so much better though as he gets older and as he gains more independence. He can play with balls, watch Elmo or play with Grandpa all day. He is a great sleeper (now) and always has been a great that has been wonderful. I often forget the great things about him when I attempt to run just about any errand and have a screaming baby in the car who I think should have nothing to cry about. But despite all of the hard times (I have even broken down and cried at Costco) James and I sure love our little boy!! I know that no one ever said having a baby would be easy. And yes, he is definitely worth it. We love you Jimmer!
Mom and Dad

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Haircut!




It's been a long time since I've posted anything on here. We haven't had much going on though except 3 weekends in a row of sickness for Jimmer. Right after his birthday he had mild bronchitis and a mild ear infection (but a good fever with those). And the next weekend he got the herpangina virus where you get blisters down the back of your throat (and another high fever). Then the following weekend he had the chicken pox (no fever this time...just the worry that he'll spread his disease!). Not such a fun start to summer, but we've had lots of fun since he's gotten better and since his top two teeth came in.
We cut Jimmer's hair for the first time on Sunday. Sad day for me! I was reluctant to cut off his baby curls! We had to do it though because (as you can see) his hair was getting pretty out of control. I did try to tame it a little more than in the pictures...but it was still getting so long. Anyway, now that we've cut of his curls and he's walking all around the house, he looks like a little boy instead of a baby :(