Friday, February 17, 2012

Brad & Tiff's Visit

We feel so lucky that our good friends still have family in Utah, so when they come to visit family, we get to see them too!  Brad and Tiffany came out from Indiana over Christmas break.  It was so great to see them!!  We spent a day together hanging out and then going to dinner and a BYU basketball game.  Their kids are so cute, and they are such good parents.  They have a sweet new baby girl named Tenley, and having two kids in tow didn't slow them down one bit!  It was a long day for Jimmer, since he refused to nap that day, so he fell asleep for a lot of the basketball game.  I couldn't believe he could sleep through all the noise!  Jimmer still remembers seeing them and likes to randomly ask, "Renember when we went to the basketball game with Kade?"  We love our friends!  Writing these posts makes me realize how blessed we are to have such great family and friends!      

*I stole this picture from Tiffany's blog.  Luckily she's great at always taking pictures!

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