Wednesday, July 11, 2012

It's a.....


We had our 20 week ultrasound on Thursday, July 5th.  It was fun, but quite uncomfortable for me.  James and my mom were able to come.  The ultrastenographer was really talkative and described everything he was doing.  He took an hour and 15 minutes going over every little part of our baby.  We had it recorded on DVD and luckily he pushed record (unlike with Jimmer's ultrasound - different place).  Well, everything looked great on the baby and the ultrastenographer kept commenting on how much of a stinker the baby was being.  The baby would not uncurl or turn face up and get his/her face out of my placenta.  No good profile pictures, but we are happy that everything seems normal.  The baby weighed 14 oz and was measuring on almost everything (femur length, head size, etc) at 21 weeks and a few days.  I was 20 weeks and 4 days for my ultrasound.  One thing measured at 18 weeks, so I want to go back and see what that was.  Well, I was told by my doctor that his ultrastenographer has been working for 25 years and has never gotten a gender prediction here's to hoping we aren't the first surprise!  

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Sherri said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!! That's so cool that you got all of that recorded. :)Hope you're feeling well, Michelle.