Friday, September 30, 2011

Las Vegas Vacation

Watching the Belagio Fountains

The whole Rees gang at the fountains

On the really high, really windy bridge above the Hoover Dam (only a little freaky!)

Scaring mom to death

Fun boating/jet skiing day at Lake Mead. Here are some cousins hanging out and snacking with Grandma.

James' mom playing a Minute to Win It game

Doing under-doggies

Just a cute swing picture

James played like he was on vacation

Jimmer loved jumping in the pool over and over again

So fun!

We took family pictures with the whole Rees clan. I don't have the big family picture yet, but here is the one we took of just James, Jimmer and I. It's our most recent family picture.

In July we spent a week long reunion in Las Vegas with James' whole family. We had 42 people altogether and we stayed in one really big house. We had a lot of fun!! We enjoyed swimming, cooking and eating together, playing Minute to Win It games, shopping(girls)/basketball(boys), touring the Hoover Dam, boating, visiting the Belagio fountains, playing with cousins, and doing skits. We love spending time with whole family and wish we could see everyone more often.

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Katie S said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! I especially love the picture of Jimmer holding his two chips in the air like it's the greatest thing ever that he gets to eat chips. Haha! He cracks me up!