Friday, September 30, 2011

Side Job

Can you find James?

I went to one day and saw James (holding his red flag) on the homepage.

My dad has been a volleyball referee for years and years. I used to go to college games with him and sit in the stands by myself and just watch. My dad liked me to come with him so he could drive in the carpool lane in CA and I loved to go and watch awesome players like Misty May at Long Beach State. Anyway...since my parents moved up to Utah, my dad has coached (or coaxed??) James into becoming a line judge. So James has been lining some BYU and University of Utah games these past few seasons. Although I hate that most of the games are on Friday and Saturday nights, I do like to spend the extra moola! Thanks for working so hard James (and Dad)!

P.S. - See told you I'd post! More to come. I promise. After posts like this, I know you're excited.

P.P.S - Do you like the new look of the blog? I couldn't go back to sleep after Jimmer woke up at 3am asking for soda. What the heck? Are the new fonts showing up?

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Katie S said...

Yay for new posts!!!!!! P.S. you never posted about your new Camry. Just giving you some inspiration. And this reminds me that I need to post on my blog very badly! I keep taking pictures, thinking I'll turn them into a post, and then I never get that far. Grrr. Cheri is probably mad at me. She gets cranky with me when I don't post! Whoops! ;)