Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kids are Funny!

  (Picture from Jenn Rees from our July vacation)

Our Jimmer is definitely 2, he definitely has his own unique personality, and usually keeps James and I laughing.  He can talk pretty well and sometimes he doesn't stop!  But I love that he can communicate what he wants.  Here are some of the things that have made us laugh lately:

Everyday, he asks his baby doll, "Didi, are you ready to take a nap?" and then nods the baby's head and says, "Yeeess."

He lines up all of his stuffed animals on the bottom stair and says they're in timeout for not listening.  Or he says, "Froggy's in trouble. What did he do?" (since I will always ask him what the froggy did to get in trouble). 

He say so many funny things!  Recently he has made us laugh by saying things like:
 -"Don't shush the Jimmer."
-When I said, "Come on pumpkin," he said, "I'm not a pumpkin.  I'm a crocodile."
-After I called him 'honey', he said, "It's not honey, it's called Jimmer." 
-When James and I are talking in the car and not really talking to him he'll say, "Mama, don't talk to Daddy."
-He'll quiz me on letters and sounds and then say, "You're so smart Mama!"
-When my dad is not home and working as a volleyball ref, he says, "Grandpa's playing volleyball." (And I taught Jimmer to say "volleyball referee" but I guess he refuses to believe that that is what Grandpa is doing.)
-We pulled up to the Rees' house for Sunday dinner and he cheered, "Yay!! Tatoes!!" (potatoes)
-Yesterday in the car Jimmer asked if we could go to the park.  I told him we needed to go home and take a nap.  He held up his little pointer finger and said, "Just one park Mama. Just one park."
-Everytime he says "Cheesy-burger-burger" we can't help but laugh :)
-Sorry I could go on and on.

He asks us to draw such random things in random orders on his Magna Doodle:
"Mama, draw a pickle," and after I do that he'll say, "Draw a little pickle," then... "a doctor...a Neverland pirate...Little Einsteins...a squirrel...a little H...Will...all the letters....and Grandpa..."

He has serious screaming freak-outs over pretty normal things (which is not so funny):
-Like wearing a belt or a tie to church
-Getting a haircut (which he had gotten many times before)
-Being in the same room as the doctor (then saying he likes the doctor on the way home)
-We fully expect a freak-out putting on his Halloween costume
-He didn't have a big freak-out episode here, but he won't let the water out of the tub anymore because one time it made a loud noise.  Now when I ask him to he says, "I don't think so.  Mommy do it."

Who knew everyday life could be so funny?  Kids can be so random, so particular and so funny!  Jimmer and his little kid cousins make life enjoyable.  We love Jimmer (and our neices and nephews) and although he can REALLY try our patience, we sure love having him around!   

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