Saturday, May 30, 2009

3rd Anniversary!

Our 3rd Anniversary was on Wednesday, May 27th. For our anniversary, James wanted a tub of Laffy Taffy and I wanted a shopping spree in Park City. Sounds fair right??
Well, my favorite baby store, Carters, was having a 50-70% off sale that I couldn't pass up, and James is willing to let me spend on baby clothes when you can get khaki pants for $3.99.
We went up to Park City on Wednesday after work and stayed at the Peaks hotel until Friday. We just shopped, ate out, and hung out at the hotel (we couldn't miss the basketball games).
The last three years have flown by and I would not have wanted to spend that time with anyone else! James and I are trying to prepare ourselves for our lives to change in about 5 more weeks! You'll probably never read this, but I love you James!! You'll always be my favorite!


Elke said...

How many years would it take to get thru whole tub of laffy taffy? What a man!

Jake and Em said...

Congrats!! Why are you hiding your pregnant belly! Let's see it!

Jake and Em said...

ok...didn't see your earlier posts! You are so cute pregnant!

Rees Family said...

Love the posts! I check frequently and am always so excited to see a new update. Happy Anniversary! You spent it exactly the way I, eating out, and staying at a hotel. Love it! Can't wait to see you guys over 4th of July, hopefully with a new addition. That kid is going to be well dressed!