Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr. Blue Eyes

James used to own the title of Mr. Blue Eyes, but now we've got two guys in our house with that name. I never pictured myself having a blue-eyed baby, but so glad I do!!


Katie said...

I love these pictures. Yeah, how did mom and dad end up with so many blue-eyed grandkids?!

Rees Family said...

I seriously cannot get over how stinkin cute he is. Love the pictures. His face is just adorable. I can see how fun it must be to wake up to that sweet face everyday. You are making me excited to have a boy....and boy could I use the excitement. I'm a little nervous.

JM Inc. said...

He's so beautiful Michelle! Congratulations again! I also have two blue-eyed babies, and never pictured that for myself either.