Saturday, September 12, 2009

Driving Range

James using his new golf clubs

It was so beautiful up Hobble Creek Canyon

Ryan trying to hit the 125 yard flag. I thought the flags were how many points you got. Oops!! And Ryan -- was that a practice swing or a whiff? The ball is still on the tee.

James and Ryan swinging away

Me "trying" to swing the golf club. My sister says I should have been looking at the ball. Why?

My sister, Katie, watching her beautiful shot

Katie and I trying to get the strollers up the hill. Next time the boys push the strollers!

Jimmer and Will just watching

James got new golf clubs for Father's Day and hadn't gotten to use them yet. He was excited to use them for his golf tournament at work, but Jimmer came early and we were at the hospital when the tournament took place. James was really bummed! Anyway, we finally went up to the driving range up Hobble Creek Canyon so James could at least drive a few balls. I don't know if he had more fun golfing or laughing at me trying to golf. I think he laughed every time I swung.

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Ryan said...

That was a fun time. I hope my hair doesn't always look that bad. I'm sure it does :) But anyway, I had some lucky swings, but I'm no golfer! -Katie