Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jimmer is 2!

I thought I'd try to at least get a few pictures up of Jimmer's 2nd birthday. I made him a small basketball cake (half of which collapsed) on his actual birthday and let him open his big present that day (a basketball hoop). Then when my sister and her family returned from their vacation, we had Jimmer's "party". Streamers from the dollar store make it a party, right?
Yay! I'm two!
Why do you keep taking pictures of me, Mom?
The birthday boy
Jimmer could tell it was a basketball...that's all that counts.
Jimmer loved blowing out his candle. He kept saying "Do it again! Do it again!" And Grandpa would let him :)
Awesome decorations for the party
How old are you?
Loving all his presents!
Fun work bench from Grandma and Grandpa!
Blowing out his 2 candle again! (and again and again)
Showing me the basketball ring from his "puh-cake"
Swimming with Dad and Papa (and Will)

A look back to his 1st birthday :)

And he's growing up right before our eyes!


Montgomery Family said...

Such a sweet post! My girls are loving looking at his pictures. Brooklyn just said "That Jimmer is so cute and sweet. I just love him." We had a great time in Vegas. I wish we lived closer. I went to some outlets today and it just wasn't the same. Happy belated birthday Jimmer!!!!

Rees Family said...

Oops. I was signed in under my sister's account. That was me.

Katie S said...

He is so dang cute and funny! These boys need to stop getting so big! Sheesh!