Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh my goodness...a post!!

I know you can hardly believe your eyes. Let's face it...I haven't wanted to blog lately, ok? Don't get too excited, but here are some pictures from our Easter festivities.

For some reason, Jimmer and Will did not want to wear the awesome trash-bag aprons I made them. Whatever. :)

Some of our best eggs (I'm especially proud of the "James" egg with the yellow hair. There is a face on the other side of it. James didn't find it very amusing...but I did!)

Jimmer and Will being crazy (as usual!)

Checkin' out the basket

Jimmer's egg hunt was short-lived because he found the red ball that he'd much rather play with.

Jimmer and Dad

This was the only way to get Jimmer to take a picture with us.

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