Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Patch o' Pumpkins

Jimmer's rosy cheeks. Poor little guy.
Jimmer with his pumpkin (and his Dad)
Katie getting ready to pick up that pumpkin. Gotta use your legs for this one.
She did it!
Silly Grandma practicing her vampire face (I think)
It may have been a fun idea to go pick pumpkins at the patch, but it was FREEZING! Just look at the sky and mountains in the last picture. It was way too early for that cold weather! We still had fun, even Jimmer with his rosy cheeks.


Jacqui said...

Thank goodness Halloween wasn't as cold as your pumpkin patch day! That would have been a good day for Jimmer to have his first hot chocolate!

RS said...

Ok, I look like a dork, but in my defense, I had the camera hanging around my neck, which made it difficult to bed over without it bumping into stuff! Love the picture of Jimmer and James with the little pumpkin! -Katie

Meagan Kemp said...

So cute! My fav picture is the one with Jimmer, James and the pumpkin. Darling.